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Tinydoc offers advanced technical consulting for Sopheon Accolade, PowerBI and Qlik

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Data Workflows

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New Product Development

Tinydoc builds innovative products with IoT, Machine Learning

We enable people to access disruptive innovative products that improve life style. We combine latest technology on tiny devices, machine learning and IoT to provide unique and useful user experiences. 


We are excited to introduce Bloo!


Bloo is a tiny device that connects to a bigger device via Bluetooth. Bloo in that way ‘behaves’ following instructions from its parent, the phone, tablet or similar device. It will react to data, such as notifications, changes on data and the like. As a basic example bloo would change its color when receiving calls from different contacts. It will use a pre-defined color for each contact. It uses not only colors but can make a sound or move following the data it receives.


In addition to the behavior such as color, sound, mechanical movements or changed in form, Bloo contains a set of sensors that collect environment data which is sent to the master device. The toy supports any sensors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, and so on. We define an emotion as the combination of sensor values that define a state that the user can recognize as a feeling. Sensor values sent by the toy to the master via Bluetooth are consumed by a machine learning app, from now Emotion Builder, that uses machine learning algorithms and models to build emotions that are communicated to the user and recorded.

User Experience

Bloo is a companion of the master device. It is a fun proxy for the functionality of the phone or tablet. It is expected users build a bond similar to the one they do now to the phones. It will be something they wear all the time and accompanies wherever they go. Emotions strengthen the bond by making the user share ‘feelings’ with the toy, giving the impression the toy is not just an extension of the phone but an extension of themselves.


Bloo combines latest technologies to build a complete system. It sits at the space of Internet of Things, cloud and machine learning. Using the latest developments in mobile computing and data science, Bloo puts all the pieces together transform a complex system into simple user experience